Jozef Van Wissem - Release

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Hypnotic dark avant-folk with lute

Concert with no reservations. ‘1st come 1st served’

The in Brooklyn residing Dutch composer/lutist Jozef Van Wissem wants to take back the baroque and renaissance lute from academia, and give it to a wider audience on a contemporary stage. With his minimalist avant-folk, leaning on repetitive patterns that evolve into melodic labyrinths and trance-inducing compositions, he can be found more often in rock and underground clubs than in classical venues.

As an avant-garde composer and baroque lutist, he often makes scores and soundtracks (often for film, but also for Hans Holbein's The Ambassadors for example), and tours all across Europa and the US. Easy listening this is not: the music hypnotizes, challenges and confronts. He played over 1000 concerts all over the world, including shows at All Tomorrow's Parties & Primavera Sound (Barcelona). Two days fore the concert at AB Salon his new album, ‘Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back’, will be released on Consouling Sounds.

For fans of: Jim Jarmush, Chelsea Wolfe, Sunn O)))