Wolf Vanwymeersch

The Early Years

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Wolf Vanwymeersch presents his first solo album 'The Early Years' this spring. The Belgian singer-songwriter and guitarist took his first musical steps with Waldorf and learned to walk with The Van Jets, and after his journey with Elefant he is now going on a solo expedition.


The Early Years' is an album that reflects and nostalgically reflects on Wolf Vanwymeersch's life so far. Songs that look back at his youth are combined with songs that he actually wrote in his early years.


Vanwymeersch finished 'The Early Years' a month after his father passed away. He says: "Especially I'm Wide Awake' has become a kind of farewell for my father, you can hear seagulls because my father lived by the sea and crows are the symbol of death. It also contains a part of the song 'Besser' from my first band Waldorf, which was also a song about my father."