The Black Heart Rebellion / Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat

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Stef Heeren has contributed to the music of TBHR on several occasions in the past. As they are teaming up for some joint performances, the time seemed perfect to finally make a release together. The result is this magnificent split 12”, expertly designed by We Became Aware containing two previously unreleased tracks. TBHR’s side consists of “For Lucia”, which was included in the Japanese CD version of the album. Now available for the first time to the rest of the world and on vinyl, this haunting track picks up where ‘People, when you see the Smoke Do Not Think it is Fields they’re burning’ left off, albeit with a seldom heard ferociousness. KTAOABC’s side brings us a remake of one of their classic tracks “Cornflowers for our Brothers” into “Cornflower MKII”. A radical new approach and reinterpretation of early KTAOABC into contemporary KTAOABC. Available as a Record Store Day exclusive on 300 copies.