Syndrome / Black Mare

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Belgium’s Syndrome and US’s Black Mare join forces for this very special split Consouling Sounds release, uniquely available on vinyl.


Syndrome, the moniker of Mathieu Vandekerckhove’s (Amenra, Kingdom, Sembler Deah) carefully crafted soundscapes, contributes yet another outstanding addition to his already impressive body of work.

Gentle progressions, modest melodies and minimal orchestration amount to Syndrome’s very own massive sound, constantly trespassing post-rock, drone, ambient, and doom territories.
Black Mare, the solo project of Sera Timms (Ides of the Gemini, ex-Black Math Horseman), harmonizes beautifully with Syndrome’s micro-cosmos. Black Mare’s music too steps away from the grand gestures, and focuses on conveying a world of meaning with a minimalistic vocabulary. Focusing on atmosphere and trance-inducing rhythmical patterns, Black Mare immerses the listener into her own mythical world. This is a split album that holds the listener hostage in a realm where the lines between dream and nightmare are blurred constantly.