Treha Sektori

Severh Senenh

Released in

In 2014 Treha Sektori released Severh Sehenh on the well-respected label Cyclic Law. The album, which was an appendix to the 2012 album Endessiah, never saw a vinyl release. As big vinyl fans, we always found that very unfortunate, as the vinyl medium complements the ritualistic dark ambient of Treha Sektori perfectly. There’s something about the warmth of the analogue medium that merges perfectly with the organic ambient soundscapes Treha Sektori conjures. Cyclic Law granted us the possibility to set that straight, and now also present the album as a vinyl release. This release is a co-production between Consouling Sounds and Grains of Sand Records, and will be brought to you on July 21st.