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When a band’s list of influences include Meshuggah, Miles Davis, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Opeth, Animals As Leaders and Cloudkicker (to name just a few…!) you might expect the band would create pretty diverse and fastidious music. In this case you would be right! The band is Vermilion and they are from Ghent, Belgium. Sentience is Vermilion’s first full length album and it’s an impressive fusion of many genres of music. Foremost flowing in Vermilion’s musical blood is jazz. The influence of jazz is present throughout Sentience with its unconventional time signatures, incredible improvisational flair and the crisp musicianship. While the influence of jazz is clear in the technical arrangement and execution of the music… Vermilion’s sound is gratuitously steeped in progressive metal. The band’s website perfectly sums their sound in the form of a question: What if Miles Davis composed for Meshuggah?