Re:Cycles (Final Chapter Of The First Movement)

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BARST wants to break out of the prescriptive and normative song structures, and tears down the walls between all sorts of genres, inviting the listener to create its own imaginary worlds. The music that BARST makes is quite hard to define, but if you have to name it, ‘Wahnsinnsmusik’ is appropriate. BARST truly soaks up all kinds of genres and musical styles, and shapes it in his own distinct and unique soundscapes. His practice is constantly evolving, and takes on many different, often surprising forms. BARST’s quest is to produce some sort of transcendental aural art, in which he tries to materialize the immaterial. To reach this, he’s constantly interweaving his sounds with visuals and imagery. For his live performances BARST is known to invite guest musicians that share his vision and add an extra layer to the performance. The line-up varies from show to show, which ensures that a live BARST show is always a fresh, exciting and new experience. For Record Store Day 2019, Barst reworked and recycled some of his earlier work and made it into a whole new piece of art.