Empusae Ft. Peter Bjärgö


Released in

"Onus" marks the second collaborative venture between Empusae and Peter Bjärgö, following their critically acclaimed album “Proslambanomenos". Unlike their previous collaboration, where Nicolas (Empusae) added instrumentations to Peter’s compositions, “Onus” takes a reverse approach. Peter contributes his voice and additional sounds to Nicolas’ compositions, resulting in a seamless fusion of their musical universes.


A voyage into the darkest aspect of humanity, navigating through ambient atmospheres, melancholic chants, floating arpeggios, drifting melodic pads, pounding drums, alienating analog… leaving the voyager in the endless duality between hope, solidarity, and empathy against despair.


Onus, literally means “burden of life”, is about the chains we have connected with our demons as individuals as well as the darkest and most cruel aspects of humanity.


It is a poignant exploration of bearing witness to the unraveling of our civilization, reflecting on the impending destruction of the world, and grappling with the disheartening spectacle of human conflict— a poignant realization of our powerlessness in the face of such turmoil.