Some Became Hollow Tubes

In 1988 I Thought This Shit Would Never Change

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"In 1988 I Thought This Shit Would Never Change" is a live snapshot of a culminating work-in-progress between Aidan Girt (drums / Godspeed You! Black Emperor) & Eric Quach (guitar / thisquietarmy) evolving from electronic demos via file sharing during the glacial Montreal winter (January 2017) to the first guitar/drums live performance as TQAxOSB in Ghent (June 2017), captured live at Jägerklause in Berlin (November 2017) where they played an impromptu and improvised performance during an off-date from their respective day job tours.

The following year, the duo would focus on proper DIY recordings of their jams and officially settle on a proper band name "Some Became Hollow Tubes" (September 2018) in order to finalize the material that would make their debut LP "Keep It In The Ground" on Gizeh Records (June 2019).

In the new year, "In 1988" was released digitally on Bandcamp and they went on to play their first show as SBHT, which was captured live at La Sala Rossa in Montreal (January 2019). An extract of the set was aptly dubbed "In 2018 We Named This Thing" and is exclusively available as a bonus track on the CD re-issue of "In 1988" on Consouling Sounds (October 2019).


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