Ekca Liena


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Though the Ekca Liena discography has grown through various EP's, other albums and archival issues, the central sonic narrative that runs through its heart is arguably the most dramatic and involved. Starting with the dreamy soundscapes of 'Slow Music for Rapid Eye Movement' and continuing with the shadowy, lonely environments of 'Graduals', the next chapter is ready for the world and it's entitled 'Gravity and Grace'.

The thick atmosphere of 'Gravity and Grace' is spiked with shades of geology and mechanics, with a layering of non musical sound underpinning the typically emotive and enrapturing core. Its expression is based on this juxtaposition, a beguiling friction between abstract sounds and largely melancholic compositions.

The album dives deeper into the realms of doom and noise, where heavy guitar drones are the centre piece. However, it's neatly balanced with calm and even tender moments of yearning -- like we came to expect from Ekca Liena's previous releases. The final track sums up the album perfectly, and revisits the journey between darkness and light, noise and melody.