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“Furie (in English: Fury) is my second solo album as Innerwoud. After a series of collaborations, applied work with other artists and dealing with some life challenges, I gathered enough courage and inspiration to get back into the studio. This time around I was determined to use only the double bass and its endless possibilities in terms of atmosphere and sound.


This album consists of four parts and generally relies on more thought out compositions than older work. Rather than deep drones supporting a single melody line, different voices now interact with each other. Deep bass lines contrast with the highest playable notes on the double bass, giving more of a sense of listening to an experimental chamber orchestra. In addition, spurred on by producer Tim De Gieter, some fully improvised pieces made it onto the album. The result is an album balancing between dark ambient drones, strange background noises and hopeful harmonies. Darkness is once more the central tone of the album. Even though melancholy is an emotion in which I feel at home musically, it is rather alien to me in daily life. In music, theater and visual art darkness works for me as a vehicle to which I link stress and doubt in order to control them. In this way I dare to face the future with confidence.” - Pieter-Jan, Innerwoud