Lark's Tongue


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The Mysteries of Eleusis continue to defy scrutiny as one of the most ancient occulted narratives. The promise of communion with Demeter echoes a desirous return to the natural world which seems ever more fleeting as we entangle ourselves amidst the tools of modernity. Meditation upon ancient mysteries invites us to imagine an existence where harmony takes precedence over convenience and where our stories remain hopeful in the face of apathy. And so it is with Lark’s Tongue’s psychedelic opus, Eleusis. Just as the entheogenic kykeon transmuted pilgrims at the Rites of Demeter, Lark’s Tongue forge a dizzying concoction of heaviness and lightness, tension and release. Eleusis is Lark’s Tongue’s first recording for Consouling Sounds and it is a complex tapestry of melodic grandeur and imperial distortion- commingling the sonic loom with stately lyricism and deeply impassioned vocal performances. The result is an album that speaks to truths both hidden and overt. The songs are at once tribal and personal. There is an enigmatic pull contained in these songs that upon surrender delivers a familiar sense of time and place that is just left of center yet all its own. This Eleusis is subtle without being inscrutable, and, with the right attention, its charms reveal themselves- richly rewarding bold travelers with songs of yearning and questioning, survival and grief- all returning to the altar of earth as they must- to the natural laws that bind our existence together as we push our way through this life and onward to whatever pantheon awaits.