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To coincide with the 2013 Syndrome tour, we decided to properly present the music that started Mathieu Vandekerckhove’s (Amenra, Kingdom, Sembler Deah, …) introspective musical journey.

Previously released as an extremely limited cd-r, the music was now collecting dust in the vaults. However, the eerie soundscapes and contemplative drones of this very first effort are extremely accomplished in their own right.

These haunting tunes deserve a new life out of the archives. They’re just too good to be locked away!

As Syndrome will hit the road to present the latest album to a large audience, we all deemed it fit to present both the starting point and culmination point of Syndrome’s musical evolution to date.

Therefore, we have seized the moment to have the demo pressed and presented in a beautiful digifile CD. This one is limited to 300 copies. Part of those copies were be sold exclusively on tour.

Limited copies are available through Consouling Sounds, in order to give all the fans around the globe the chance to grab a copy of Syndrome’s extraordinary first steps.