Jason Van Gulick


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CONCRETE is a composite material cemented by JASON VAN GULICK's dark art of transforming space through percussive matter. The five movements of spontaneous composition bear witness to in situ meditations that explore the reverberations between acoustic architectures and sonic material, where internal deconstructions (of metal, of wood, of stone, of skin, of hair) surround the listener. As reflected above, so experimented below.

JASON VAN GULICK returns as a sorcerer convoking acoustic & amplified sound by way of their patient metamorphosis. His art is a practical magic, forged through decades of drum work and an education in architecture. Paired with the visuals of GAST BOUSCHET and NADINE HILBERT, CONCRETE embodies a kind of deepened listening experience that ignites the sublime paradox of Radiant Darkness. JASON VAN GULICK offers a soundtrack to an alternative future, whose serene quietude is matched by a continuously modulating pensiveness.