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The Ghent based godfathers of noise, 'VANDAL X', return with a groundbreaking, spine chilling work of beauty called 'BLOOD ON THE STREET' !


We are immensely thrilled to be able to work with Vandal X for their 9th album!

Where other bands may have given up, Vandal X keeps on thriving on the floating shit we call modern day society. So here we are, in 2019, almost 25 years down the road, and with ‘Blood on the Street’ — the brand new album that is about to drop on March 22nd. And what a bombshell of an album this has become.

Unmistakably Vandal X, but more balanced and nuanced. Don’t be fooled: the pounding and pummeling never ceases. Yet, this time around it’s a beautiful balance of fast paced blows and slow hitting uppercuts. It just might be also the most personal album up to date. Adding quite a bit of personal shit to the mix, this album cuts deep.

The layering of aggression, precision, emotional depth, slow crushing intensity, and good old fashioned frenzy is masterfully tied together in ‘Blood on the Street'. There’s quite some mileage on the band’s track record, and this definitely shows.

A mature display of immature behavior in 12 acts, brought to you by Vandal X.

March 22nd, 2019. Vandal X. Blood on the Street.


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