Black Atlas

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1 MAN, 4 MACHINES - B is the live techno project from Bert Libeert (GOOSE). Armed with just two synths and two drum machines B is bringing the rawness and spontaneity of live music back to clubs. His signature sound is an uncompromising mix of hard edged EBM and Old School Techno that still sounds as exciting today as when it first kicked off a musical revolution in the 1980s.

His first EP, "AMBUSH", was released on the pioneering Techno/Electro label Lektroluv: from the minute the needle hits the record 'Ambush' comes in hard, with jackhammer beats and aggressive synths riffs that tears the roof off any club. His second EP, "BLACK ATLAS", is inspired by the darker energy in life, positive and negative. Besides the dark beats and cold baselines, you'll hear samples from field-recorded weather storms and church organs, which enhance the atmosphere of the tracks. The artwork of "Black Atlas" is a scanned drawing with Japanese ink and pencil, done by the artist Philippe Lantoine. He's a real craftsman at heart who respects traditional ways of making his art. He managed to translate the emotion of the music into an image. If you listen to a record and you hold the cover in your hands, it has to make sense! The big "B" represents the power and stability in life, and the snake is the dark element that throws you out of balance every once in a while.


Artwork by Philippe Lantoine.