Amenra Treha Sektori

Amenra / Treha Sektori

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After the 2011 Brethren. Bound by Blood. split series, 2014 will herald a new series of splits. Each of the split albums will present an incarnation of Amenra, together with a sometimes surprising, but always compelling counterpart band. For the split 10″ album with Eleanora, Amenra is offering À mon Âme (live). For the split 10″ album with Treha Sektori Amenra decided to re-interpret À mon Âme and create an atmospheric ambient piece called Trahn. Treha Sektori’s French master soundscaper Dehn Sora surely is no stranger to fan of dark ambient music and drones. His stunning two previous albums left us all gasping for air. This new and exclusive track is no different.