Year of the Hog

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We are shaking off the holiday season, and are looking forward to what 2019 will bring. And that brings us the Year of the Hog
Our mascot is already accounted for, and is once more made by the wonderful Philippe Lantoine.


The subscription to all the 2019 releases is now open!

** You can subscribe the month of January.
** This applies to all releases on Consouling Sounds, 9000 Records and Circuits. Represses of older titles are excluded. Only the new label releases of 2019 are subject to the subscription series.


For this year we are promising a minimum of 15 releases. But we'll see where we will end up.

We have the following packages available this year:

CD subscription: 150 euro
(BE shipping + 30 euro / international shipping + 50 euro)
LP subscription: 250 euro
(BE shipping + 70 euro / international shipping + 100 euro)
CD + LP subscription: 400 euro
(BE shipping + 70 euro / international shipping + 100 euro)

Of course you can count on getting the most exclusive editions (where available), front row news, and some extra goodies along the way.

You can find the options in our online store.
Just select the option of your liking in the variations, and you are good to to go!