Montage x Consouling w/ Ziùr, Iku, épong, Bolt Ruin

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To celeberate the release of Ziúr’s album ATØ and épong’s Drank EP, Consouling and MONTAGE are teaming up for a night in Minus One. Bringing together Other Robots visual installations with the best of Belgian and international acts, we’re really looking forward tot his event.

Ziúr (Planet Mu (OFFICIAL), Objects Ltd.)
Ziúr’s 2017 debut album for Planet Mu/Objects Limited ‘U Feel Anything?’ was widely praised. It combined sensitivities for sounds from the sphere of noise and metal with punctual drum programming and ethereal memories. Further working on developing her sound through her second album, ATØ, Ziùr manages to bring in left-field pop influences. ATØ is a determined, rhythmic and eclectic experience made “For everyone, who is part of resisting the status quo, for all survivors, outcasts and weirdos”, as she puts it herself.

BARST  (Consouling Sounds)
Bart Desmet of BARST has been on a constant quest to bring his vision come to life. In order to transmit the brutal, and the subtle, the dirty, and the clean, the fierceness, and the calm, the consonant and the dissonant, BARST has been experimenting with a myriad of effects, loopers, synths, guitars and whatnot. In translating this to the stage, he has called on the help of a great number of skilled musicians. Slowly but steadily, BARST became the band to see live, because it was always and will always be a unique experience.
Having fanned out from just a one-man orchestra to an ever changing collective of musicians, 2019 marks the year Bart will process all the experiences of the last couple of years, and return back to source. Packed with tons of experience and an intricately crafted backline, BARST has rethought his entire operation and reinvented himself once more.

MONTAGE mainstay épong is happy to present his new Drank EP at this event. Further working on the themes of nighttime debauchery of last years Oprichnik -his debut album on MONTAGE- Drank is his most focused work to date. Known for his brilliant drum programming and broad array of influences, épong brings his most club-ready tracks in this brilliant new EP. For the occasion of this event he will be presenting a new live-show, further deconstructing his already unhinged music.

Zeta Lys
Lucia is a Dutch DJ and artist, residing in Brussels. Her ever alternating sets range from dark ambient to bass and from slow percussion to techno. Once a month she sets off Oskari to discover new places in her radio show at The Word. Other appearances of Lucia include Red Light Radio, Kiosk, Kanal Centre Pompidou, Listen! Festival, Dekmantel Festival and Garage Noord (Amsterdam).

BOLT RUIN (Circuits by Consouling Sounds)
Bolt Ruin brings dark electronic music that fuses the energy of hardcore punk with the delicacy of classical music. Years of capturing the rawness of trash bands and droning noise outfits foster into the fundaments of a meticulously crafted solo-production. For the occasion of our event, Bolt Ruin will be bringing his first DJ-set, further exploring the complex themes in his own music.

crat (MONTAGE)
crat is a Brussels based DJ, promoter, the man behind MONTAGE and a part of Ghent-based collective Kavir. He tries to manifest a sense of urgency through all of his projects. Ranging from his erratic and genre-bending mixing to the URGENT MUSIC compilation series on MONTAGE, he tries to convey a certain political energy through abstract electronic music. Combining all genres from the onset of electronic music, crat weaves with ease through Reynolds’ Hardcore Continuum as if he was born 30 years earlier. Never losing focus of a radical energy, he manages to interweave these UK sounds with a diverse choice of activated and experimental club-music.

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