Machukha - Inodi padaye snih tak lahidno krizʹ sosnovu khvoyu video / single

Watch the video for Machukha's second single “Inodi padaye snih tak lahidno krizʹ sosnovu khvoyu” exclusively through Cvlt Nation! The title translates to "Sometimes the Snow Falls So Gently Through the Pine Needles". It is about acceptance and fragility. Accepting that sometimes the snow falls so gently, it cracks the pine needles. 'Mochari' will be released on June 7th. Available on CD, vinyl and digital formats.

Watch / listen here

"This band is not some verse-hook-verse vibe. They want the listener to commit to digesting their whole record, so that you will go on a journey with them where your fears might have the power to make you see the world for what it is." - Sean Reveron