Consouling Sounds Night @ Magasin 4, Brussels, September 17

Collectif Mental & Scratch+Snuff proudly present:

Tickets: €13,65 pre-sale / €16 at the doors



Black/Doom Metal
Alkerdeel spits out black/doom metal with blown out live production, grinding guitars, blasting distorted drums, filthy vocals, all very heavy, doomy and even psychedelic. Essential for fans of Darkthrone, Burning Witch, Beherit and Meth Drinker as well as other practitioners of grim buzz and noise.


Drone/Dark Ambient
Sum of R was initially created in 2008 by Reto Mäder and ever since underwent several states of metamorphosis from atmospheric doom into ritualistic drone rock into dark ambient and experimental music. No longer an instrumental project, this new trio is now touring with their new incarnation, with Jukka Rämänen (Dark Buddha Rising, Hexvessel) and Marko Neuman (Dark Buddha Rising). They released a stunner of an album last fall on Consouling Sounds. Lahbryce was mixed by Victor Bullok, aka V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress).


Formed during the global plague outbreak in a cottage far away at the edge of the Diestiaanzee and completely removed from human noise, Ordigort started creating sardonic hymns and chants beckoning to the end of humanity as it is. Never nihilistic nor pessimistic, Malthusian in ire yet ecstatic of the possibilities lurking between the folds: Ordigort will make you feel like an outlaw or a brigand longing for a world that may one day end. They tell us: “We're incredibly excited and we'll do our utmost best to burn the place down" – whether we should take that as a threat or not is still to be decided. We'll see you down the front to see what the fuss is about!


Drone Ambient/Doom
Ashtoreth is a project in a search of a shamanistic perspective, channeling at times minimal, meditative drones; and at others a catharsis of doom, noise and experimentation touching upon folk, post-rock, psychedelica and more. Always in a free form.