9000 Records is supported by Consouling Sounds, and shares its philosophy and ambitions. The label focuses on music that isn’t easily definable and constantly crosses borders and genres.

9000 Records will cater to different types of music. Whereas Consouling explores the dark, moody and harsh sides of music, 9000 Records will break out of these constraints and will let all possible genres and moods converge.

9000 Records is rooted in Ghent (hence its name — 9000 being the zip code of the city), but branches out internationally. The first artists on the roster are Ghent based bands, which will put out their work in an international context. In time, international bands will find shelter under the branches of 9000 Records.

9000 Records is all about building bridges and bridging gaps. Whether it’s between genres, people or countries, 9000 records is constantly aiming for exciting alliances.