Vodz is a 4-piece alternative rockband from the deep south of flanders, Belgium.

Their eclectic guitardriven rock carries echos of bands such as Joy Division, QOTSA and 16 horsepower

Catchy as well as astranging, dark yet compelling.

Songs are built upon a wall of layered guitars backed up with a strong, firm rythm section and held together by a melodic, emotion laden lead vocal.

Last year they released their highly aclaimed first ep “the road” and now, after gathering some serious stage experience, they are back with a full album: Into the woodz!

10 songs, featuring two interpretations of some of the greatest traditionals, are bundled to please and tease your ears. Vodz takes you on a joyride trough the dark side of town. With the radio at 11, you will find out that life ain’t no pony farm.

Can you see the blackness? Can you hear the howling? Let Vodz show you the way into the woodz!