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9000 Records

We’re stoked to announce the release of our third album “Wooden Son”, that marks a shift in our sound and has taken a darker turn.
Adventurous, ominous and brooding are just some keywords to characterise the album.

While the first two albums felt like an emotional confrontation between Kaat and Thomas, the new songs are inspired by the record collection of prison work songs, chants and blues music, Thomas grew up with.
Mixing these influences with our own sound results in chants where the whole band is singing at the top of their lungs on a layer of heavy bass, eerie keyboards and whimsical drumming.
Dark and almost oppressive atmospheres are seamlessly blended with beautiful harmonies and catchy melodies.

“Wooden Son” shows off a band on a new creative high.

We welcome you all to take part in an utterly fascinating journey come September 23th 2016

'Wooden Son' will be released on 9000 Records, Consouling Sounds.