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9000 Records

SUPERGENIUS came into being during the summer of 2014, when Vincent, Edward, Mich and Wim, members of bands such as RISE AND FALL, HITCH, BLIND TO FAITH, WIEGEDOOD, CASTLES, OATHBREAKER, THE ROTT CHILDS and long defunct bands such as BLINDFOLD and BEECHER, got together with the intention of making some music.

SUPERGENIUS draws influence from its members’ common love of the rich and inspiring legacy of Washington DC bands (Dischord Records), as well as the US and UK punk, indie and guitar pop scenes, that were primarily flourishing during the (mid)-nineties.

From their first rehearsal together it was immediately clear that the combination of musicians and their respective backgrounds in making music was a great match. From the outset there was a very distinctive sound, deeply rooted in the influences mentioned above.

After 5 or 6 rehearsals, in late December 2014, SUPERGENIUS recorded a 4-song debut, eponymous, 12” EP, and came to an agreement with German underground indie label Golden Antenna Records for the release of both the vinyl and digital versions. A very limited cassette tape version of the EP was also be released by UK label Palm Reader Records.

Supergenius recorded their first full length album in summer 2016 - entitled 'Supertired' (Released april 7th 2017). Recorded by Hein Devos at De Kreun, mixed by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden.
It was released through a collaborative effort by Belgian labels Hypertension and 9000 Records.