Solar Temple


Solar Temple was started in 2016 and started as a psychedelic black metal project,and has since evolved to cover genres such as psychedelic rock, krautrock, drone, ambient and now electronic soundtrack music. Consisting of core duo O. Iskandr (Dool, Iskandr, Turia and Galg among others) and M. Koops (Fluisteraars, Nusquama and Galg among others) the project has always had the aim to create original and experimental pieces of music. Doing their live debut on the Roadburn Redux edition of 2021, where they presented the psychedelic rock piece “The Great Star Above Provides”, and performingat Roadburn 2022 a collaborative piece “Embers Beget the Devine” with compatriots Dead Neanderthals, live shows of the group are both rare and highly memorable.