Red Star Line


Two guitars and a drum. It was in this formation that Red Star Line saw the light of day in the streets of Tielt. The group that started out in a metal atmosphere quickly evolved under the influence of icons such as The Doors and Deep Purple into a psychedelic, funky, 60s-inspired band. The band also gradually took on a new form. Drummer Dries Merckx remained in his chair, but the original guitarist Leon De Backer exchanged his instrument for one with 4 strings and Laurens Hebberecht hung up his guitar to be able to fully devote himself to his studies. Leonard Cools added a Hammond organ to the line-up and with two more guitarists, Thijs De Rijcke and Laurens Terry (the latter was also the singer), the new Red Star Line was a fact. Early September there were some changes in the band, the singer had decided, in consultation with the band, to call it a day. After this they searched for 2 new members for the band. Their former guitarist Laurens Hebberecht found his passion for their music again and Maarten Paes came to bless them with his vocals. In September 2013 their organist left on Erasmus and Johannes Lambert took care of the replacement. At the beginning of 2014 Leonard decided to hand over the sceptre to Johannes full-time.