No One Wished To Settle Here


No One Wished To Settle Here is solo project formed and conducted by Michal Hoppe, Poland. It ranges from lo-fi post rock to electronic and avantgarde.


The music is at greater extent lo - fi post rock, slowly building a motionless surreal atmosphere which hold one's attention at the highest level. Acoustic parts, ambient moments, give extra credits to sooth, calm, melancholic atmosphere, but on the contrary at the same time creating some electronic madness, drones and noisy stuff. Memorable songs, easy listening tunes, but also electronic driven slights, samples, and on moments crushing guitarwall-bursts. Psychedelic passages, spacy tone creates some eerie, cinematic atmosphere. Recomended for fans of BALMORHEA,THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING, MONO, JAKOB, THE AMERICAN DOLAR, I'MSONIC RAIN.