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9000 Records

Manngold is back.

Two years after their much acclaimed debut album ‘Manngold de Cobre’ (April 2014) - recorded with de Cobre, an eight piece horn section led by Peter Vermeersch (Flat Earth Society) - the band is set to release its new album ‘Manngold’ in the fall of 2016. This time in its six piece core setup.

At the Invada Studios in Bristol - home to bands such as Portishead, Beak>, Anika a.o. - Manngold found the perfect haven for its immense power. Having Stuart Matthews (Quakers, Massive Attack, Portishead) by their side, it took the band a three day joint run to dash its energy on tape - old school, live, fully analog, no overdubs. Lovebuzz Productions’ Mike Burnham (London) mixed the recordings, resulting in the well considered sound that perfectly captures the band's vigor. The album will soon be released by 9000 Records (Ghent, Belgium).

Relentlessly energetic and non-conformist, Manngold’s two drummers inexhaustibly push forward a twin guitar-attack, a bass and an old Korg synth - soaked in effects - to massive heights. Somewhere in between proto-punk, psych, improv, trance, repetitive tribalism, MC5 maximalism, noise and wild primitive rock’-n-roll, the band constitutes a raw and unbreakable unit. Together, they excavate soundscapes, free zones, industrial mayhem and explore the limits of deconstruction. Live, they push an endless volley of cosmic pulses through an ever more hypnotized crowd. Think pre-cocaine Black Sabbath on the set of Emmannuelle I.