Lento is an instrumental band from Rome, Italy, whose roots are placed in Fall 2004.

An unusual and original form of instrumental music was the aim since the very 1st day, with an introspective approach to merge various elements of metal, posthardcore, ambient and classical music.
Lento's tone is a blend of down tuned guitars, apocalyptic tempos, systematic drones and resonant feedbacks, making their brutal and cathartic live sets to alternate from hardcore assaults to an intimate collapse.

First release is in 2007 with "Supernaturals record one", a two-headed monster recorded together with Ufomammut and released on Supernaturalcat records in June 2007 while their first full lenght "Earthen" comes out on November 2007 again on Supernaturalcat, with Relapse supplying US distribution.
Earthen's got warm reception from the musical press and the band begins playing live and not seldom sharing the stage with bands such as Ufomammut, Zu, Napalm Death, Baroness, Bohren und der club of gore, Nomeansno, Amenra, Torche and many others.

In 2010 Lento joins the roster of Denovali Records and in March 2011 their 2nd full lenght album is released, named "Icon".
A relentless concert-schedule is then led out, reaching the amount of almost 150 concerts all over Europe including Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands. UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.
All of this conveyed in the album "Live recording 8.10.11" which is meant to be a deposition on what the tour supporting Icon was.

In 2012 "Anxiety Despair Languish" album is issued, again on Denovali Records, to show up Lento dealing with synth parts and a more elaborated form of music.
The outtakes of this album turned out in a split-record with the Italian band Tons, released in 2013 by Heavy Psych Sounds.

After several years of lineup adjustments the band is now reborn in a primordial form of a three piece band made of drums-guitar and bass.
Lento is currently in studio to give birth to the 4th full lenght album which will be ready in 2017.