One of the most well-known post-rock/metal/instrumental bands in South America, and one of the very few outfits whose name and reputation has reached European and North American shores. Labirinto have toured extensively, and they were the first band from South America to be invited (twice) to the genre-defining Dunk! Festival in Belgium. 

The band has nine records released in Brazil and abroad (being two full albums). Their new album Gehenna was released in Brazil on Dissenso Records (2016), and worldwide on Pelagic Records in 2017 (2xLP, Cd, Digital) - and in the spring of 2017, Labirinto will bring their new album „Gehenna“ over Europe on a new tour.

“They have crafted an epic post-rock album in the truest sense of the word - six songs, 70 minutes running time, but none of it wasted“, Rock-A-Rolla wrote about their debut album „Anatema“, and Rolling Stone praised their live show as “one of the most powerful experiences in the Brazilian independent scene”.