The early days only brought forth a worthless tape and finished off the ensemble for quite some years, until it was 2002: a new era and a fresh start resulting into some demo releases. All this led to an alliance with the American Black Owl Records bringing out Gorath's debut, entitled "Elite". In 2006 Gorath swapped label and signed to Descent Productions. "The Fourth Era" became a masterpiece in cosmological black metal, a concept solely based on Mayan science, history and foretold 2012 prophecies. From then on Gorath reformed from a one-man-project to a four piece band. Shows were booked throughout most West-European countries and the band gained a solid live reputation. Two years later its successor "Misotheism" had given birth to a whole new concept: heresy throughout history, mythology, legend and lore. The album got worldwide positive feedback and the best was yet to come. In 2009 Gorath inked a deal with Twilight Vertrieb and their upcoming opus "MXCII" is about to be released. Darker than ever before the chants hail the ancient lore, history and heathen views about local tradition. Be aware and await the sign. For a great darkness is coming!

Gorath played in England, The Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and shared the stage with Foscor, Watain, Grave, Secrets of the Moon, Darkspace, Belphegor, Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Shining, Orlog, Dark Fortress, Nazxul, Gallhammer, Primordial, Negura Bunget and quite some more!