Empusae Ft. Peter Bjärgö


Peter Bjärgö, born in 1973, is a Swedish musician renowned for his influential contributions to neofolk and dark ambient genres. Founding Arcana (1996) and being part of Sophia, he has crafted atmospheric compositions marked by poignant melodies. His solo journey encompasses albums like "A Wave of Bitterness" (2009) and "The Animus Retinentia" (2017), exploring themes of introspection and melancholy.

Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe, born in 1977, is the Belgian artist behind Empusae since 1999. His project delves into dark ambient, industrial, and ritualistic sounds, pushing the boundaries of musical experimentation. Albums like “the Hatred of Trees” (2008), "Lueur" (2017) and "Iter in Tenebris" (2019) showcase Empusae's ability to blend atmospheric elements with industrial textures. Nicolas has joined forces in the past with acclaimed artists like Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra, CHVE, Absent in Body), Shinkiro, Marc T. (Dirge), Gwenn Trémorin (Flint Glass, Tzolk’in), Nick Grey, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, In Slaughter Natives, just to name a few.

A notable collaboration emerged when Empusae joined forces with Peter Bjärgö in the project "Onus," leading to the release of "Proslambanomenos" (2016). This collaboration underscores their commitment to exploring unconventional and emotionally resonant musical landscapes. Both artists continue to contribute significantly to the alternative music scene, leaving an enduring impact on fans of atmospheric and experimental genres.