With the complexity of the music, it may surprise you to find that Empusae is actually a project created by a single man, Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe aka Sal-Ocin. Empusae exercises a surreal science of structure that throbs and pulsates in an almost obsessive manner. The music is almost suggestive of a mechanical assembly line in its clock work clunks and clangs. It builds into a tense, yet haunting soundscape and rivets itself into the memory and refuses to be forgotten. It is serious music who's architecture has formed for itself a solid foundation, rather than sounding as if its trying to tear itself apart! When listening to Empusae's music, you're lost in dark melancholy, tribal electronic athmospheres and scarefull ambient rituals. Empusae continuously is music for the darkened souls, the lost ones. The style of music is like a journey from the postapocalyptic industrial and urban wastelands to the organic sounds of the wilderness in nature. The forests and woods of our fantasies. The drums evolved from rhythmic instruments to shamanic elements. Empusae became more settled, a bit calmer but never less intensive. Sphere from the woods is like ivy-soundscapes, winding up the trees from all their roots up to their crowns and in the sky. Misty fields for souls who can't decide whether to stay in this or to transcend into other worlds. It's all about the mysteries and depths of nature and the animus; silently but constantly walking the leylines of music. The quintessence of this quite alchemical Opus Magnum could be "stand your fears" as well as "no matter what you'll do, your demons will prevail". Sal-Ocin describes his music as a sountrack for the listeners personal fantasies. Being a member of various other project such as This Morn' Omina, Tzolk'in, Project Arctic and a live member of In Slaughter Natives, Ah Cama-Sotz, IC 434, Triarii, TriOre and Sophia, Sal-Ocin isn't afraid of working together with other artists (Nick Grey, Arcana, ISN, ORE and many others).