Dirk Serries is an icon. A living legend of the Belgian experimental music scene. He's been composing ever since the eighties, when he gave shape to his VidnaObmana moniker. Throughout the years he has released music on labels like Projekt, Relapse, Tonefloat, Consouling Sounds, etc. His constant quest and desire to experiment has steered his career into different sonic waters over the course of the years. From more ethereal sounds with VidnaObmana, over drone soundscapes with Fear Falls Burning, to the minimalist intimate soundscaping as Dirk Serries. His remarkable versatility also made him a much solicited collaborator. He teamed up with among others Asmus Tietchens, Steve Roach, Steven Wilson and Justin Broadrick. The diverse nature of Dirk Serries is also on display in his latest passion project "A New Wave of Jazz". In stead of just performing, he decided to start a label to document his collaborations with jazz musicians like Colin Webster, Tomas Järmyr (who's of course also known for his drumming skills with Motorpsycho), René Aquarius, Martina Verhoeven, etc. The projects can be categorized as free jazz improvisation with the Dirk-Serries-sound-sculpt-stamp attached to it. They try to cross the boundaries of jazz music, and steer it towards an exciting and challenging new direction.