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With plenty of power Ovtrenoir push themselves towards the very top of the post-metal scene.

Why? Well, because this album is simply awesome, and that means a lot coming from someone who is extremely picky in which sludge metal he likes and which he doesn't.  The songs here are monolithic, raw and deeply intense while the vocals are simply some of the best I have ever heard in this genre.  There is plenty of emotion and despair in these vocals but they never seem to go over the top, unlike some of their colleagues.

'Fires' and 'Consume' are my favorite tracks here but all of the tracks on this ep are epic pieces of work.  They don't seem to be very complex but drive on monolithic riffs and pummeling drums.  They also incorporate an hypnotic sense of repetitiveness, obviously resulting in something highly immersive.  I think it's safe to say that this is a massive highlight in this year's scene and it certainly comes highly recommended to all post-metal, sludge and doom fans out there.

(Credit: http://www.merchantsofair.com/reviews/ovtrenoir-eroded)