Introducing: Cryo Chamber

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We proudly introduce you to one of our partner lables, Cryo Chamber, focusing on dark ambient in Oregon USA.
They've  worked on tons of releases and projects such as; Atrium CarceriNorthumbriaPaleowolf and many many more. 
We had a talk with Simon Heath, giving us more insight and backstory!  Simon grew up in the cold north called Sweden, then moved to Oregon US and started out with his own label Cryo Chamber. 

CS: How and when did it all start? 
SIMON: "I got ripped off a lot working with other labels as an artist. One day I just had enough of the dishonesty and started planning for Cryo Chamber, which was to be a fair label that focused on two things. First it would treat artists fairly and work to promote them (something a lot of other labels at the time didn't really do), second it would be artist centric , a workshop/community for artists where wecould all learn from each other. They don't teach you dark ambient production techniques anywhere and it's quite different from what you might learn at say music focused schools, so workshopping with fellow artists is a big deal. Sometimes our filthy fingers get way too deep into artists projects to try and help elevate an album to an even higher standard, but I want to believe we strike a good balance between mentor and muse for each others creative output."

CS: How would you describe the scene you're positioned in?
"We've opened up the dark ambient genre to focus more on dark soundtracks with an ambient focus. While traditionally dark ambient comes from the industrial scene, we are trying to move dark ambient away from the 90s and into the future. If anything we are more inspired by soundscapes and soundtracks than the metal/industrial scene."

CS: What are your personal milestones?
"My personal milestone is always the next album we work on, I'm very invested in everything we put out."

Latest Cryo Chamber release: Lesa Listvy - Way Home

"Moscow based quartet Lesa Listvy debuts on Cryo Chamber with Way Home.
On this highly atmospheric release you get a mix of deep analogue drone, dark beats, ethereal walls of sound and subtle field recordings.

Years ago the beat of the shaman's drum pulled your tribe out of the motherland. Now as you make your way home everything has changed. The smell of burnt wood linger in the canopy of the forests, clicking machinery reverberate deep within. Trees malformed, technology fused with nature, the prophecy of the shaman was wrong. The ancient land now lies perverted by the swarm, but the tribe is coming home.

Highly recommended for fans of warm analogue ambient"

CS: What are the next goals or dreams?

SIMON: "Next goal for me is to complete my next two albums with my projects Atrium Carceri and Sabled Sun."

CS: Who or what do you look up to?
SIMON: "Honesty"

CS: Do you like dogs?
"I love dogs, as a kid most people dream of being an astronaut, where I dreamed of growing up to have a dog, but along the way I got allergic to dogs. So now I make depressing music."

CS: What do you do when it starts raining?
"I fetch my field recorder and go out to record it!"

CS: What's your biggest fear?