Consouling Sounds Presents: 24h Deep Listening

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Consouling Sounds Presents: 24h Deep Listening

From Oct. 4 to 5, Consouling Sounds organizes its very first 24 hour experience. During these days the label invites you to an intimate meeting with music and the artists behind the creations. With the greatly valued help of various partners in Ghent and Kortrijk, this first edition offers an exciting and diverse program, with some of the label’s more established names as well as brand new projects coming to you next year.

You cannot survive 24 hours on art alone: there will be a breakfast listening session and an afternoon tea ceremony. In between the events you will find the time to discover more about the artists through some Q&A’s and meetings up close and personal.

This first edition of the Consouling Sounds 24h of Deep Listening heralds a new era for the label. It offers an ever evolving answer to the question what the challenges are, in the digital era, for the musician, the artist, the label and all possible partners in the music scene.  2019 will be the first step towards an equally evolving event to offer a space for reflection. Deep listening will be a festival to bring artist and audience together in the most direct way.

In collaboration with Waterfront Festival, No Name Collective, Barcyclette, Buren van de Abdij/ Herberg Macharius, Historische Huizen Gent

Line-up: Monnik, Empusae, dustbug, Some Became Hollow Tubes, BARST, KUAR NHIAL, Muziekvereniging de Clingse Bossen, The Very Very Danger & ASHTORETH


'24 HOURS DEEP LISTENING' will take place at different venues, get separate tickets for each event or join our full 24h experience with a combi ticket. Combi ticket holders can reserve a spot at our breakfast with an exclusive listening session & Q&A by Empusae! 

Combi ticket 24 Hours Deep Listening: (Including all 4 events)

Hegemone // Kuar Nhial // Mound – Café Charlatan:

Empusae / Monnik / dustbug – Q&A, exclusives & more

Some Became Hollow Tubes / Ashtoreth - In the Abbey Sint-Baafsabdij :

BARST, The Very Very Danger, Of Blood and Mercury - Waterfront Festival- check voor info en gratis tickets