Launch albums Whisper Room and Neige Morte


Apart from the in-store shows and special vinyl releases, we will seize Record Store Day 2014 to launch 2 brand new CD releases too.

From then on both Whisper Room‘s The Cruelest Month and Neige Morte‘s Bicephaale will be launched. This is what you can expect:


Whisper Room is a trio formed in Toronto (Canada), consisting of Aidan Baker (Nadja, Adoran, Caudal, B/B/S, …), Jakob Thiessen and Neil Wiernik (Naw, Urban Refuse Group). The band took five years of meticulously constructing a new microcosmos of fragile drones and atmospheric ambient pieces.

For fans of: Nadja, B/B/S, Bohren & der Club of Gore, thisquietarmy, Tim Hecker, Svarte Greiner, Demdike Stare, …

















For their sophomore album, the band builds on their bizarre aesthetic of blending doom, noise, post hardcore and black metal. It sounds harsh and filthy at face value, but meticulously crafted tracks lie at the very core of Neige Morte’s practice.

For fans of: Alkerdeel, Habsyll, Gnaw Their Tongues, Darkthrone, Wolves in the Throne Room, Locrian, The Austrasian Goat, …

Both albums will be available in the Store for Record Store Day, and will be added on monday to our brand new (and in progress) webstore.