Trefpunt, a concert venue in Ghent, invited us to put some Agency artists in the spotlight. Together with curator Timmy Segers we baptized the evening ‘SOUL CUTS’, a Consouling Agency Label Night, featuring Vermilion (released in 2014), Hedonist (released in 2015) and Téras (to be released in collaboration with Sideburn Records on this very evening).


Presale: €8 (limited amount of presale tickets available only through Consouling Store)
At the doors: €10
Doors open at: 19:30
First band: 20:30



Vermilion was formed in 2009 when guitarist Timmy Segers and keyboardist Michael Penson met and discovered they shared an interest in progressive music, mainly Dream Theater, Meshuggah,… Drummer Tom Vansteenkiste soon answered an ad for an extra bandmember and Stef Exelmans joined on bass soon afterward. The band has since gone through a long evolution (mainly, becoming an instrumental band and recruiting a new member on bass, Tom Everaert and a new drummer Paco De Prins) but is now here to present its music to you. They released their first EP in October 2012 and their first full album in February 2015 via Consouling Agency. Vermilion plays a unique brand of instrumental progressive metal/djent that incorporates odd time signatures and a wide range of influences including jazz and fusion.

Hedonist, a hard rockin’, hard groovin’ power trio from Genk, formed in the summer of 2010 when Roel Paulussen (Sardonis, Solenoid, Barabbas) and Frederik “Cozy” Cosemans (Serpentcult, Hemelbestormer, Death Penalty) decided to have a few jams together. Riffs and songs kept pouring out and soon a third party jumped on the train to wreak havoc upon the land. The thunderous bass and roaring vocals of Frank “Frenz” Homolka (Solenoid, The Killbots) were the perfect fit for Cozy’s maniacal beats and Roel’s neckbreaking axework and so the “power of three” was complete.

Téras was founded by Kevin Spruyt and Sam Stoelzaet. With the intention of writing a full album, Kevin Spruyt and Sam Stoelzaet joined forces. The music formed rather quickly. Frederik Janssens and Olivier Puttaert were asked to join, to create the big wall of sound that Téras is. Modern Thrash Metal influenced by Death and Black Metal. These guys will be releasing their album ‘Pandora’ during this event.éras-124985611193791