Closing Session #1:
Our very first Closing Session will focus on Reto Mäder, who is known for his work with Sum of R, RM74, Ural Umbo, Ohne and Pendulum Nisum. As a sound artist he has done a wide variety of things. Yet, his aesthetics show a clear line. Therefore, the evening of the Closing Session, the artwork will be featured prominently in a unique exhibition. The evening will be closed with a live performance of Reto under his RM74 moniker.In practice:
Doors open at 7.30 pm and the evening program will start at 8 pm. Everybody is welcome to join us, and entrance is free. Due to the limited capacity of the Store we do ask to sign up. Please mail to Mike[at]consouling[dot]be.In the meantime you can already sneak a peek of things to come with these clips:
– Ural Umbo “Self Fulfilling Prophecy”:
– Sum of R “Alarming”:
– RM74 “Spineless”:


((c) Fleur Coevoet Photography)