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Viscera/// – Cyclops

Remastered and overhauled vinyl edition of the Viscera/// debut album. A Night of the Vinyl Dead release, in collaboration with Consouling Sounds.

Limited edition of 250 hand numbered copies.

“Viscera/// is very strong and quickly progressing experimental post-metal/post-grind band coming from Cremona, Italy. Viscera/// started as a pure grind band and transformated through experimental grindcore sound to powerful post-metal madness. Heavily influenced by late Carcass & Nasum and such well-known artcore/post-metal bands like Isis, Pelican, Neurosis and some others, Viscera/// made their own solid and spinecrushing sound which united their blasting grindcore roots with drone experiments and slow, low-tuned heaviness of extreme post-metal and sludge.”