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Nadja – Touched

We couldn’t be more proud to be rereleasing the seminal album “Touched” by Nadja. Nadja and Consouling Sounds have found each other over and over again ever since the early days of both Nadja and¬†Consouling. On a personal level, I am an incredible Nadja fan, and I have the utmost respect for the musical path Aidan and Leah have pursued. Being able to release the 10th anniversary edition of the “Touched” album is an incredible honor for sure. If you have missed out on this release in the extensive back catalogue of the band, now is your chance to discover where it all began. If you know the album, there is something to be discovered still! This anniversary edition comes with a second CD containing a previously unreleased studio recording of the album.


Aidan Baker on the reissue:

“The songs on “Touched” are the first I wrote under the Nadja moniker, back when the project was just me and confined to the studio. The first versions of these tracks were recorded on cassette 4-track and released on a super limited cdr by the Japanese label Deserted Factory in 2003 and it was this release that first started garnering attention for the project. When Leah joined in 2005 and the band signed to Alien8 Recordings and started performing live, we wanted to give new life to the songs on “Touched” and re-worked and -recorded them. We recorded two versions: the first in our home studio, which would end up being on the 2007 CD released by Alien8 and the LP version released by Conspiracy Records. The second version was recorded more-or-less live at Commonwealth Studios by our long-time friend and frequent collaborator Jonathan Demers and have never before been released, until now on the 10th anniversary of the album, released by Consouling Sounds, another label with whom we have worked since the early days of the project.”