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N + Meinein & Viscera/// – Das Lächeln, Deinerseits

To celebrate the inception of Consouling Sounds, we asked a few artists to team up and make an album together. This resulted in some pretty amazing albums already (like the Alkerdeel & Gnaw Their Tongues collab, or the Hemelbestormer & Vanessa Van Basten album). For the next and third installment, we pushed the envelope by asking the Italian post metal band Viscera/// to team up with German drone artist N (who in his turn teamed up with ambient artist Meinein). The music of both acts is truly worlds apart. The loud and energetic sound of Viscera/// battling it out with N’s exercises in silence was bound to end up in a dynamic clash of sorts. The result, Das Lächeln, Deinerseits, is not surprisingly rather surprising. The album starts off calm and subtle, as N + Meinein set the scene, only to be shattered by a ferocious and rabid Viscera///. The battle seems to be won by Viscera///, although throughout Viscera///’s rage, the delicate and profound shadow of N + Meinein lingers in the background. Near the end of this fierce trip, the shadows grow heavy as lead and consume everything, leaving N + Meinein to restore the balance and make the circle complete. Das Lächeln, Deinerseits is an intriguing listen on how two completely incompatible acts manage to collaborate on an album that is well-rounded and balanced. What is bred in the bone will come out in the flesh, so both acts undeniably sound like themselves, yet the collaboration pushes the album one step beyond as one act sheds a completely different light on the other act. The album sounds unusual, different and exciting for sure.