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Jarboe & Father Murphy – 10″ EP

Jarboe and Father Murphy’s connection runs deep. Jarboe continues to have a profound influence on Father Murphy’s musical path, and there is a strong, mutual understanding of what they define as a “sense of guilt”, rooted in their Catholic upbringing, which informs their music, both together and independently. Approaching the EP, both Jarboe and Father Murphy each wrote a song, which they exchanged for the other to finalise, the result being a rich reflection of the spirit of both artists, and their meaningful bond. The EP was mastered by an infamous engineer at Bombanella soundscapes studio in Italy, using a technique he calls “anti-mastering” whereby he irradiates the analogue master with deep, pure 432hz sounds in a process that somehow gives the master the same benefits than a defragmentation does to a hard disk. It works the sounds together in harmony, the result being much brighter and more real, which is very befitting to the release.


Art direction by Dehn Sora.

Limited edition of 500 copies, download code included.

Release date: September 22, 2017.

Release show will take place at N9 (Eeklo, BE), followed by an extensive European tour. Consult the tour poster to catch them at a venue near you.