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Ekca Liena – Graduals

Ekca Liena is the more exposed solo project of Daniel W J Mackenzie, which uses varying degrees of drone, ambience, rhythm and noise to create dynamic, dramatic music. Melancholic quietude, psychedelic landscapes and doomed guitar passages are key aspects of the overall Ekca Liena sound, though glimpses of everything from warm electronica to modern classical show through. Graduals is the first Ekca Liena full length in over two years, the official sequel to the dreamscapes of the critically acclaimed Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement.


Fluid on Graduals:

“This is a special record from Mackenzie, a somnambulating wraith that pokes at the eerie corners of dark ambient but never
quite gets to a horrible status. It is beautiful darkness, like a shawl over a hospital patient. And there is something happy
about its end. Not because the sounds have ended momentarily, but because a gradual peace has been reached. A sterling LP.”