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Battle of Mice – All Your Sympathy’s Gone | The Complete Recordings

It has been 10 years that Battle of Mice released their groundbreaking album “A Day of Nights”. The band, consisting of Josh Graham (A Storm of LightIIVII, ex-Neurosis, ex-Red Sparowes), Julie Christmas (ex-Made Out of Babies), Joel Hamilton (Book Of Knots), Tony Maimone (Book of Knots, Pere Ubu (Official)) and Joe Tomino (Fugees, Dub TrioPeeping Tom), was heralded as a post-metal supergroup. Battle of Mice unfortunately existed only a few years, but their musical legacy is tremendous. The album, previously released on Neurot Recordings, never saw a vinyl release. For this 10th anniversary, Consouling Sounds wants to pay homage to this seminal album by releasing it on vinyl for the very first time. But, we decided to go above and beyond. Instead of simply re-releasing “A Day of Nights”, we couldn’t be more happy to present “All Your Sympathy’s Gone | The Complete Recordings”, collecting all of Battle of Mice’s music on a lavish gatefold double vinyl set.

The music has been especially remastered by Doug Henderson (also SwansThe NecksInsect Ark,…), who revisited the original master recordings for this vinyl reissue.

And that’s not all! None other than Dehn Sora has designed an exclusive shirt licensed to us to commemorate the anniversary of this extraordinary piece of music. You can order the shirt in sizes S through XXL separately.


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