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Aidan Baker & Tomas Järmyr – Werl

Aidan Baker (Nadja, Caudal, Hypnodrone Ensemble, …) and Tomas Järmyr (Zu, Barchan, Yodok, YODOK III, …) are both very active and prolific artists with a shared vision on sound sculpting and free improv.

It seems like a miracle they found the time to record together, but somehow they did. And, they made it count! The result of their recording sessions, “Werl”, is a trip that lasts longer than an hour and a half. This seems a bit much, but it truly isn’t. The album constantly evolves and grows and demands your attention. The album twists and turns from psychedelica, krautrock, space rock to ambient, noise and doom. “Werl” is a unique and remarkable album. Consouling Sounds is tremendously honored to release this extraordinary album as a double CD set.


The music has been mastered by James Plotkin and the packaging comes with artwork by the Belgian artist Kato Six.


Listen to an excerpt here: