2015 marks the start-up of 9000 Records. With this label, supported by Consouling Sounds, we will focus on all types and genres of music that isn’t easily definable and constantly crosses borders and genres, without any restraints.
The first artists on the roster are Ghent based bands which will put out their work in an international context. The inaugural release on 9000 Records is Nordmann’s Alarm!
Head over to the album section for more info about the album, or check Nordmann out live on one (or more) of these occasions:

19/02 KC Nona (Mechelen)
21/02 Storm! Festival (Ostend)
24/02 Ancienne Belgique (Brussels)
25/02 Handelsbeurs (Ghent)
26/02 Het Depot (Leuven)
28/02 Muziekodroom (Hasselt)
13/03 Cactus Club (Bruges)
27/03 Rataplan (Antwerp)
02/04 Nijdrop (Opwijk)
03/04 CC Staf Versluys (Bredene)

More dates TBA